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Even though I love teenage angst movies and movies involving the “unearthly” I must confess, I was hesitant to see the movie Twilight. I have not read the books, however I have picked them up time and again over the last couple years with idle curiosity. I chose not to read them as I had the impression the books were mostly about a sappy teenage love story featuring a vampire and not really offering any blood and guts telefonne cislo.

Based on the movie, I’d say I was right.

But in it’s defense, Twilight is more than just a sappy teenage love story. Twilight is a sappy teenage love story with a back story of vampires, and potentially werewolves, and an inevitable battle between the two - apparently to be seen in future installments. If you are expecting to see any of it in Twilight, this movie will surely disappoint you.

Fans of Sookie Stackhouse should really like this one though, and as well of course, silly female teenagers looking for love in all the wrong places. This is evidenced by the droves of female teenagers flocking the theaters who giggled unashamedly throughout the whole thing. I confess that I too giggled, as it was really cute to witness.

twilight-castTwilight is the first in a series of teen books by author Stephanie Meyer that tells the story of Bella, a mere mortal junior in high school who left her mom and Arizona, to come to live with her dad for awhile. It takes no time at all for her to become captivated by Edward - the aloof and seemingly unapproachable adopted son of local doctor (and apparently rich doctor) Carlisle Cullen.

The entire Cullen family is mysterious and drooled over by the students of Forks, Washington, a town where sunlight is rare, and rain and cloudiness prevail. For this reason, no one seems to question the excessive paleness of the Cullens, as most of Forks residents are without suntans. Oddly, they also do not question why the Cullens never seem to be around on the rare instance sunshine actually does grace their little town.

See, the residents of Forks, Washington have no idea what the Cullen’s really are, but newcomer Bella figures it out easy enough. Rather quickly she decides, rather matter-of-factly even, that hot little Edward is a vamp, although he adamantly claims that his family is of the kinder and gentler vampires who do not feed on humans (as “others” of their kind do.) Apparently the Cullen’s have trained themselves to survive on the blood of animals even though the longing for human blood is always present and it’s best that Bella “not forget that.” I guess knowing that she is not intended to be Edward’s lunch should offer her enough comfort so that getting hot and heavy with him isn’t of concern…..

Themes range from a mysterious pattern of killings to who’s-going-to-wear-what-dress to the school’s eagerly anticipated big dance. Will the “others” (the human blood-swilling vampires) strike Bella and her family? Will Bella’s friend Angela get enough guts to ask nerdy Eric out on a date? Oh the troubles of a high school teen!

“Twilight” also offers new theories to the mystery of vampires, most notably that they are not creatures confined to the night. Actually, they are able to go out in daylight but in doing so become rather “glittery.” Onscreen the delivery is that they look like they have been coated from head to toe with fairy dust. Weird, and not at all as scary as vampires are usually portrayed to be.

Additionally, the bad guy (and gal) vampires of Twilight do not come across any tougher than your average class bully, however they can run really really fast. Perhaps the objective for this effect was to offer a more menacing feel for the blood suckers. You tell me.

While I must confess I did enjoy Twilight, I have to say that on the flip side, I was not as enamored with it as younger crowds have obviously been. Perhaps I am too old, and the teen thing is finally losing its appeal for me. I tend to think that it is due to Twilight not being gruesome or campy enough. Maybe the budget was too big and I need more of a B feel…. who knows? I just know that it did not leave me salivating for the sequel.

I am sure I will watch Twilight’s Sequel though. After all, it’s what I do….